Previous Guests

Carl Addington (30,40,41,44)

     Fairbanks CannaWarrior  

Alaska Medicine Women (72)

     Fairbanks Cannabis Advocacy Group

Greg Allison (56)

     Fairbanks Marijuana Industry Assoc. Vice Pres.

Aurora Blaze (74)

     AK LED Cannabis Cultivator

Marilyn Berglin (40,41,57)

     Fairbanks CannaWarrior

Karen Bloom (40,41,56)

     Fairbanks CannaWarrior

     Fairbanks Marijuana Industry Assoc. Pres.

Frank Berardi (43)

     Fairbanks CannaWarrior 

     Co-Owner Good Titrations

Rocky Brown (83) (Patron Request)
     Alaska Precision

Lorrie Callahan (84)

     MS Canna Warrior

CannTest, LLC (70)

     AK Cannabis Testing Company

The Santa Claus of North Pole (58)

DB Copeland ​(86,88)

     Fairbanks Pipe Bong Network

Victoria Davis (55)

     Anchorage Budtender

J P Durham (69)

​     Grower, Entrepreneur 

Jeremiah Emmerson (49, 75)

     Homer CannaWarrior

Shawn Fears (79)

     Phunny Pharm Cannabis Genetics

Lisa Glazer (54)
     Valdez Budtender

Green Dreams Cultivation (73)

     AK Limited Cannabis Cultivator

Rep. David Guttenberg (76)

     AK District 4 Rep


Travis Herning (65)

     Fairbanks Budtender

Jessica Huff (56)

    Fairbanks Marijuana Industry Assoc. Director of Education

Cristopher Knopka (56)

     Fairbanks Marijuana Industry Assoc. Director Community Relations

Patrick Limoges (66)

     Fairbanks Canna Consumer Advocate

Marcey Luther (26,)
     owner/creator The Buzz

Lee Molloy (80,85)

     co-founder International Church of Cannabis

Derek Morris (54)

     Valdez Budtender

Dan Peters (18,19)
     owner GoodSinse

Mesha Pool (53,61,87)


Rambling Ranger (50)

     Consumer, Grower, Childhood Friend

Bruce Schulte (82)
     cannabis activist, former CCB Chair

Jon C O Simon (69)

     AK Scooby Snacks

Steep Hill Alaska (71)

     AK Cannabis Testing Company

Frank Turney (4,12,20,32)

     cannabis and jury rights activist

Jon Watts (62)

     AK Libertarian Party Chair

Janet Wilkowski (78)

     Triminy Cricket

Aaron Worthen (81,89)
     owner Frozen North Farms

Products Reviewed

Smoke Buddy (6)

Dr. Dabber "Aura" (23)

Magical Butter Machine (37)

HoneyStick Rip n Ditch (77)​​

Smoke Proper (86)

Chena Hot Springs Road, Fairbanks AK 99709 US

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Intro Music - Blind Melon - "Tones of Home"

I have always listened to the radio, mostly music as I was younger.  Talk Radio started to take over in my 20's, and I couldn't get enough.  Early influences in radio were Art Bell, Michael Savage, Alex Jones, Clyde Lewis, and recently been listening to more industry related podcasts leaving politics behind.  I am very much still involved in local politics.  At least we can see and talk to our local officials.  Matthew Kind's podcast CannaInsider really gave inspiration as I listened and dreamt of a cannabusiness future.  The thought to start a more local canna-show started to take root.  When 2016 hit, Far North Tokers began and MidToker was created.  It started with a headset mic and going through SoundCloud.  Things are getting better around here in Far North Tokerland, as a new mic comes to the show, and I get better with Audacity.  I look forward to doing more mobile interviews in the future involving the Fairbanks Cannabis Industry. 

Thanks for sharing the ride with me.

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